About Us

A little bit about the people you would meet in Rome



I’m Gianluca Martini, and with my wife Consolata and my brother in law Agostino, I manage casa Martini Guest House - together with its twin accommodation called "QuodLibet".
I’ve studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Rome. During my studies, I also had the opportunity to spend a semester at the UVA (Universiteit Van Amsterdam) where I’ve attended courses at the faculty of Sociology. 
After my studies I’ve started my own small company in the travel business, creating Italia Lodging (a website which collects small charming accommodation all over Italy) and in 1998 I started to run my first bed and breakfast with a group of friends. While working with my website Italia Lodging I also opened a few other small properties (in Rome and Florence), but never, except for the very first one, I had managed them directly, everyday, as I do now with Casa Martini.
These five years with Casa Martini I discovered that I really like the hospitality business, and the face to face relationship with guests: a real opportunity to meet and getting to know people from all over the world (and since I’m - potentially -  an Anthropologist, I like doing also a little bit of my “field work” from a very comfortable prospective: straight at home!). Because of my passion for the interaction with people coming from different corners of the world, I try to make everything to make them feel relaxed, comfortable and at home in Rome. That’s why we constantly try to share with all our guests whatever we know about Rome, its habits and its culture.
I love photography, interior design, the Dolomites and … everything which is nice, cured and well kept. When I travel abroad I have a preference in the Nordic and cold destinations: first of all Scotland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway…. But I still have a lot to discover!
My absolute passion is for Consolata, my wife, and our daughters: Roberta and Maria Beatrice.