A Day Trip from Rome to Trisulti

Half a day, a little bit more than one hour from Rome: discover a small gem, along the routes of middle-edge misticism  

The square and the frozen! fountain

Hidden in the hills behind Frosinone, 100 kilometres outside Rome, Trisulti is a gem that worth a visit. A secret place, definitely out of the international tourist routes, that will surprise any visitor.

The Pharmacy and its Italian Garden

This famous Carthusian monastery was founded by Pope Innocenzo III in 1204 in the middle of secular woods. Inside you can see the rich invaluable works of art Church and the ancient Pharmacy (XVII Century). 

The Facade of the Church of Trisulti

The Monastery is a National Monument and contains a well supplied State Library. It is located on the slopes of Monte Rotonaria, a peak of the Monti Ernici, at 825 meters above the sea level. It was consecrated in 1211, becoming a national monument in 1873.

Frescoes inside the church

A first Benedictine abbey was founded in the site in 996 by St. Dominic Abbot: some remains can be seen today not far from the current building. The latter was erected starting from 1204, on a more accessible location, by will of Pope Innocent III, who assigned it to the Carthusians. The abbey church, dedicated to St. Bartholomew, was consecrated in 1211.

The Monks refectory

The name Trisulti could derive from Latin tres saltibus, meaning "At the three jumps": this was the name of a castle of the baronal Colonna family which commanded the three passes ("jumps") leading to Abruzzo, Rome and Ciociaria.

The complex was enlarged and modified several times in the following centuries. The current appearance date to an essentially Baroque restoration.

“One of those places that give you goosebumps”

High in the hills behind Frosinone, a day trip from Rome. This ancient monastery seems lifted from middle ages almost intact. Uncrowded, cool and silent. The gem is the old, old pharmacy containing antique cabinets, and a multitude of ancient bottles of herbal preparations. The opening hours are a bit obscure. They re-opened the door at 3 o’clock when we were ther. but if you havre to wait it’s worth it. Have a drink of the cool spring water from the fountain by the road and sit in the shade of the forest, as people must have done for century after century.
— A tripadvisor User
Gianluca Martini